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SharePoint Custom Top Navigation Menu

A lot of customers want a SharePoint global site navigation without to much effort. One way to achieve this is using the REST _api to get the navigation items from Site Settings > Navigation (/_layouts/15/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx). The url to get all of the navigation information in XML format is the following: /_api/navigation/menustate?mapprovidername=’GlobalNavigationSwitchableProvider’.

After some searching I came across a methode suggestion from Vadim Gremyachev on sharepoint.stackexchange.com where we use jQuery.grep()




Add some HTML to store the navigation items:

<section id=”navigation”>
<ul id=”navigation-container”></ul>


Comments - 2 Responses to “SharePoint Custom Top Navigation Menu”

  1. Dirk says:

    Could you please explain a bit more? This solution seems to need an APP to be deployed with modern themes? Also the API call The url to get all of the navigation information in XML format is the following: /_api/navigation/menustate?mapprovidername=’GlobalNavigationSwitchableProvider’. did not work for me? This seems to be an incomplete blog reference?

  2. Bastiaan says:

    Hi Dirk, No APP is needed. You can always access the _api. Make sure you add the SharePoint url in front of the api call (base url). E.g. https://company.sharepoint.com/_api/navigation/menustate?mapprovidername='GlobalNavigationSwitchableProvider‘. Check the single quotes in the URL when pasting from this blog post.

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